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Your Band is a Virus - Kindle


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Your Band is a Virus Kindle

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your band is a virus... and there are 6.75 BILLION potentials carriers for your virus

Behind-The-Scenes And Viral Marketing For The Independent Musician

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EVERY TIME YOUR BAND NAME GETS MENTIONED or your CD gets reviewed, think of your virus as getting stronger. The more focus it gets, the stronger and the more viral it becomes. The people who will spread your virus the most are the people who others trust. Some of these people are the music authorities – the bloggers, the podcasters, the radio hosts, and the reviewers. As an independent musician, you need to learn to promote your music effectively.

Let the music authorities become infected with your virus!

welcome to the your band is a virus website

your band is a virus... and there are 6.75 BILLION potentials carriers for your virus If you’re reading this then you have found a different kind of music marketing e-book. Why is it different? Well, first of all, a record label CEO or music industry mogul did not write this book. Gathering the top strategies, tactics and opinions from the soldiers on the frontlines – the independent musicians is who put this book together.

Why choose "Your Band Is A Virus" ?

"Your Band Is A Virus – Behind-The-Scenes And Viral Marketing For The Independent Musician" is an e-book that uses straight forward language and actionable advice to cover highly effective promotional strategies used by independent musicians and bands. Many of them are marketing tips and resources you won’t find in any book by the Industry Moguls. In today’s music market there are no "1,001 Ways to Promote Yourself" or "Foolproof Ways To Become A Star."


If you let go of the infomercial mindset and get ready to really promote your band, there are many tried-and-true ways to get yourself ahead of the pack.In "YOUR BAND IS A VIRUS", we will attempt to provide something not offered by many other "Independent band guides" or "Independent marketing e-books". It’s going to be in plain English. Less filler. Less rambling. NO pictures or cartoons. NO lengthy stories. NO wasting your time.

your band is a virus... and there are 6.75 BILLION potentials carriers for your virus There will be work. Let’s be realistic. If you’re not enthused about working hard to expose your music to more people, no one else will be. You may as well stay in your room and play your acoustic if you’re not willing to log the hours. So get excited and get ready to start building your band’s public profile in a big way.

so what's inside the 150 page Your Band is a Virus E-Book?

- VIRAL MARKETING - Tips, Definitions, and Philosophy -

- GUERILLA MARKETING - Tips, Definitions and Philosophy -

- BEHIND-THE-SCENES MARKETING - Tips, Definitions and Philosophy -

What is BEHIND-THE-SCENES MARKETING? click HERE to read a sample



"This book is a must have, not only for musicians, but for artists of all types! It’s a nuts and bolts approach to getting the word out for all artists, be it writer, traditional artist, or anyone else who needs to promote their work. "Your Band Is A Virus" takes the reader step by step through understanding how marketing works, how to use low and no cost advertising methods to build up a fan base and use the media to your advantage. It also includes specific sites and contacts to use. I easily recommend this book to everyone who has ever asked themselves "how do I let the world know about my work?" I hope you enjoy it as much as I did."
- Michael C. Greer, Author and Musician (Amazon)

"Your Band Is A Virus" is an inspiring book that provides step-by-step tips about how to get seen in the industry–from what to include in your website to where and how to promote your music. It’s well-written, easy-to-read and will leave you with a clear plan about how to market your music. A must-have for independent musicians!
- Lisa Cohn, Co-Author of "One Family, Two Family"

"This book is so good that it pains me that by reviewing it well there will be more bands out there using the same techniques. Great book and full of relevant knowledge. Skip all the others and stick with this one. Highly recommended."
- Liam McKeracher (Amazon)

"I thought this book was jam packed with solid, implementable advice. I think most bands miss the mark with one of the key aspects to making a name for themselves: Marketing! The most well known musicians got to where they are today in most cases from having a good marketing strategy. If you really want to world to hear your art then at some point you will need to focus on the marketing side of the house. This is a fantastic starting point to getting that stuff handled. I would highly reccomend this book if really want to know what to do to promote your band."
- Bill (Amazon)

Newly updated for 2012 and packed with independent music marketing tactics for $9.99


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